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Eighteensound HSD2080 T

Eighteensound HSD2080 T
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Hersteller: Eighteensound
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HD2080T HF Compression Driver mit NSDMembrane Key features

  • 109 dB SPL 1W /1m average sensitivity
  • 2 inch exit throat
  • 3inch edgewound aluminum voice coil
  • 200W programpower handling
  • NSD diaphragm assembly
  • Coppershorting ring on pole pieces


The HD2080T 2-inch exit high frequency compression driverhas been designed for use in high quality installed audio systems,where weight is not the key issue.
The motor structure,throughout the precisely coherent phase plug with 3 circumferentialslots and copper ring on the pole piece, reduces inductance effects anddistortion. Four top plate air ducts have been designed to act as aloading chamber for the diaphragm, implementing mid band distortion andresponse figures.
The HD2080T diaphragm assembly is composedof a titanium dome sandwiched to a proprietary treated polyestersuspension unit. It has been designed to maintain low resonance,lowering the minimum crossover point value at 1,2kHz.
Thanksto its physical properties, the proprietary treated Nomex former has a30% higher value of tensile elongation at a working operativetemperature (200°C) when compared to Kapton. This feature enablesproper energy transfer control from the voice coil to the dome in realworking conditions. Moreover, this proprietary former material is alsosuitable to for use in higher moisture content environments.
TheHD2080T powerful ceramic magnet assembly has been designed to obtain16KGauss in the gap.
Excellent heat dissipation and thermalexchange are guaranteed by the direct contact between the magneticstructure and the aluminum cover which leads to a lower powercompression value.