P.Audio PA-D415S - 1" Treiber

Art.Nr.: PA-D415S

PA-D415S Hochtontreiber mit Schraubanschluss

Passt sehr gut an Coax Chassis wie z.B. Eminence Coax Treiber:
Beta 8CX Beta 10CX

Sehr frischer, durchsetzungsfähiger Klang ohne dabei zu nerven!

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The P Audio PA-D415S is a small format diaphragm compression driver designed for mid range and extended high frequency applications in two way professional sound reinforcement systems. The small format design is excellent for wide bandwidth applications and is ideal for medium sized sound reinforcement systems using 8 inch (203mm) and 10 inch (254mm) woofers. The driver has a rated bandwidth of 1.2kHz to beyond 20kHz. This wide bandwidth makes the PA-D415S ideal for many mid range applications as well as wide range ultra high frequency applications. The PA-D415S is a Ferrite based permanent magnet system that features a 1.35 inch (34.4mm) diameter commercially pure aluminum diaphragm assembly. The design is very similar to the PA-D34S but is more economical due to its smaller format permanent magnetic system. This makes the driver ideal for small to medium sized two way systems designed for foreground and background music reproduction system designs. The driver features a mid band output rating of 100dB with a one watt input measured at one meter. This design features P Audio’s legendary high temperature systems to insure both high power handling and high reliability. The PA-D415S features an industry standard 1 inch screw on style exit that allows the driver to easily mate to any high frequency horn with a standard 1 inch screw on mounting.


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P.Audio PA-D415S - 1 Treiber